A Summer of Fun

It’s been a rough few years, energy-wise, for me. I’m so sorry that has translated into boringness for the boys. Liam presented me with my Mother’s Day presents last night a little early and they were beautiful! However, in more than one portrait of me, he’d drawn me laying in the bed. I’m determined to break that image he has of me, lack-of-energy-be-d**ned.

I’m kind of in a lack-of-energy-be-d**ned across the board mood at the moment… This weekend will be full of getting this house in order (a little ahead of the two week planned schedule for cleaning). We will be able to have guests in this house on relatively short notice very soon. I am determined about that.

Last night after everyone was in bed, I planned out our summer play and meal schedules.

There will be trips to the Museum. There will be trips to the pool. There will be trips skating. There will be trips to the movies. There will be trips to the park. There will be trips to the library. There will be game nights again— we haven’t had one of those in a long time. There will be down-time too, but there will be structure this summer unlike any summer we’ve ever had. It’s time. For my sanity and theirs, we need to do things this summer. Nearly every day, there will be some kind of outing outside the house.

Both big boys are also going to camp this summer, right in the middle of the summer, so it will be a nice break-up of the monotony of every day at home, even with the outings.

Summer is short this year. School starts on August 3!

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