Clutter Be Gone

I wish I had a nickel for every time I started out a day with the resolve I feel right now: It’s time to get this house in serious order.

To give you a taste of what I am talking about, this vision currently greets you when you look to the left after just entering our front door:

My desk is that space in the bay window area. I probably haven’t been able to sit in the chair next to my desk for over a month…well over, now that I think about how long that box has been on the stool.

No doubt I will look back on this post in which I am currently embarrassing myself and wish I hadn’t hit “publish.” C’est la vie.

This embarrassment is my attempt to get my rear in gear and clean up this house. For, sadly, the majority of the junk cluttering up these spaces is mine. I am really, really bad about not putting something in its proper place when I am done with a thing. Now, admittedly, this is partly because I haven’t taken the time to properly organize this house. It desperately needs that from the top down. I am going to get things in order. It’s going to happen.

Anyway, after saying I wasn’t going to post the white room, here it is. I love it. J didn’t paint the trim….it was already white in this room and the dining room, even though we have the wood trim in the other parts of the first floor:

I love this space’s energy now that it has been painted. It feels like ours.
Note the big trash bag on the coffee table. That has only been there since this morning. Because this is how I work: I start something, get distracted like I did when I decided to write this post, and leave stuff half finished. This is how my messes are made. I know this. I also cannot wait for this room to be painted white, leaving the wood trim as-is. Will really be my sanctuary then.
Note the dehumidifier on the counter. O and I were sick at least three weeks ago and J brought this out. I took it to the counter from the family room and just left it there, well over two weeks ago. What’s up with that? And you only get the photo of this side of the room. The photo of the side of the room with the kitchen table, which has a doozy of a mess on it at the moment, included some of my unmentionables from the laundry, which I prefer not to broadcast all over the internet. 🙂
And here we have what was the cleanest room in the house for a while, the dining room. That is, until we painted and I took things out of the family room. And then the boys decided it was time to play Connect Four. And we ate breakfast in here a few times. My sweater….why is it here? I have no idea.


I need a better system. And to be fair to myself, there’s no telling how long my thyroid has been in a hyper state….probably a while given my energy levels. But I think there’s no small amount of ADD going on in my brain or something because looking over these photos, everything here is either mine directly or something I am responsible for putting away. The boys are good at keeping up with their things, thankfully, with a little guidance.

It’s time to Google home organizational systems and methods. I can do better than this.


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  1. One simple easy thing I found was to begin asking for my groceries in paper bags. At home, paper bags are used for donation items. I can take one paper and fill it with stuff to get rid of and EVERYONE knows what a paper bag means. Then my husband can take the paper bag by Goodwill or another charity on his way to work. It’s a small process, but it helps me.

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