It’s Time

It’s time to get serious about self-care. I’ve been half-way doing it for a long time now, but I can’t afford to do that anymore. I can’t afford it for myself or my family.

Jared reminded me this morning… there was a time when I was militant about my 9 pm bedtime. I also got up early in the morning and did 45 minutes of yoga every day, religiously. My weight was down, my moods were relatively even (even in the days before medication), and in general, I was happier from day to day.

Granted, these were the pre-kid days, so self-care was much more a given than an afterthought at that point. But we are past the baby days where everything is an emergency, so there’s no reason I can’t get back to those days again.

It isn’t even about weight loss, though I hope that would be a side effect. It’s about being a happier person. Sure, I journal, but I think I’ve been doing that at the wrong time of day. I tend to journal first thing in the morning which is fine. But currently, I do all my self-care things in the morning (and skip exercise altogether most days) and then at bedtime I don’t do anything to turn my brain off. And my brain, for sure, needs help turning off at the end of the day.

So…bedtime at 9. No screen time after 6:30 pm. Water first thing in the morning, followed by yoga, before the household is awake.

That’s a good starting point. Hopefully, in a month I will have good news, that I’m being successful with it and it’s making a difference.

Bonus: I cleaned up my desk. Cleaner workspace= happier Caroline, too. Yay for changes.

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I’m Caroline… a creative-type human being, a wife, and a mama. I love people, music, warm sand between my toes, a blank journal and pen, and photography.