Mon 7 Jul 2003 10:32:30

From: “Caroline Ellison” <C’s email>
Subject: A not-so “Manic Monday”
To: “Jared Price” <J’s email>


I had a great time during our chat as well; the time really went by too fast! I did have a good visit with. my grandparents; though I’ve only lived an hour or so away for most of my life, they love having me ten minutes down the road, and I go several times a week to have dinner with them.

I look forward to hearing anything you’re willing to share about Jerusalem. I think the most intriguing thing I’ve heard from other people is visiting the Western Wall; the social dynamics of how strict they are about keeping the men and women separate fascinate me. But I’ve only heard the Jewish perspective on that; How does it work with the other faiths?

My absolute favorite song in the entire world is Josh Groban and Charlotte Church’s version of “The Prayer”… 🙂 Their voices make an incredible combination.

Well, I’m calling it a short day at work today; during the week I do data entry, and I just can’t stare at the computer screen to edit our database anymore! It’s pretty deserted because lots of people are still on vacation. I love my job and the fact that it’s a flexible schedule, but the downside to that is that sometimes there’s little motivation to make myself stay all day!

I hope we can chat again soon,


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