Eleventh “Smile” Anniversary

Forgive me if I gush here…I am married to a superhero, after all…

Today is our eleventh “smile” anniversary. The online service through which Jared and I met had an interface where you could send someone a “smile,” and on June 30, 2003, Jared sent me one. I replied with a “smile” on July 1, and, well… the rest is history.  That was our first contact with one another.

It hasn’t been an easy eleven years, to say the least. Meeting in the middle has meant finding what our middle is, something we are only now even starting to find.

If I could go back and tell these two head-over-heels kids three things knowing what I know now, it would be the following:

I’d tell her: Be gentle with him because he really, really does love you in ways you can hardly fathom right now.

I’d tell him: Trust your gut even when she seems to question it. She’ll come around to your point of view sooner or later.

I’d tell them both: Never, ever forget what being in love with [him/her] feels like. There will be times it will seem easier to walk away and at times, it will be hard to remember that in-love feeling. Hold tight to it and everything else will be worth it.

Happy smile anniversary, J.  I love you.