Stream-of-Consciousness Chatter to a Project

So, I’m feeling all well and good this morning. The light box is evidently working because at 9 pm last night, I was sleepy with none of the nagging feelings of lament that usually go along with me being sleepy. Slept soundly all night and had little trouble waking up this morning. I have noticed that I can’t keep it on for much longer than 30 minutes or I get a headache.

But then, I open up my email this morning and there is LinkedIn spam. And so I follow it because it says there are two new network requests.

One of them is from my former therapist.

It irks me because I know she should not be looking me up on social media. Jared says that it may have been one of those accidental “oh no I LinkedIn-requested my entire email address book” things– stranger things have been known to happen to this particular therapist– but I don’t know about that. It’s the second request I’ve gotten from her– the first one came while I was still her client and we were connected on LinkedIn for a while. She endorsed my blogging, even.

But then I realized I’d stalled big-time in my therapy progress and sought out a new therapist. New therapist was like, “yeah, that connection, along with several things that happened within that therapeutic relationship, were violations of the ethics code,” and I got a brief education on what an ethical therapeutic relationship should look like.

*sigh* It’s just irritating. I’ve blocked a whole passel of people on social media recently and now, I’ve added this person to the list.

Today my aunt has Oliver for the afternoon, which means I can go vote in peace and do housework or photo-fiddling or whatever I want. Which means I should do laundry. But I would rather have the camera out. I am on the hunt for a personal project subject but it’s driving me slightly crazy. My mind is blank. It needs to be outside of my family. It needs to not be my house or belongings.

Maybe the leaves would be a good personal project. A year of ACROS-processed leaves. That one may be sticky.

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