Twelve Years

First Date Weekend, September 2003

J and I got married twelve years ago today.

This adventure of marriage has been incredible. That summer of 2003, when we spent hour upon hour chatting away online, and then on the phone, late into the night… Who would have known then that we would, against the odds, build a life together? It was so obvious after that first weekend that we had to explore the possibilities. Less than an hour after this photo was taken on a Sunday in late September of 2003, J told me that he loved me for the first time.

This photo sits on my desk now, a daily reminder to cherish this most sacred relationship in my life, a reminder of how I couldn’t always take for granted that this marriage would even happen. J lived in Iowa, and I was here in Georgia. I remember well, when I stop to think about it, how it just seemed impossible that we might merge our lives.

I don’t often get out the binders I made for J, that first Christmas we were dating, of that first six months of our chat histories– those early words we sent to one another, saved in perpetuity from email and chat history printings. But very occasionally, when we do take the opportunity to read those early writings, the tingle in my heart still comes back. I had no idea when I gave J those binders that I was giving myself, as well, the gift of remembering verbatim the soft timidity, the sweet compassion, and the quietly budding romance to relive time and again through reading those words to each other.

So, this anniversary, this some thirteen-odd years after this relationship started, I will spend much of the day with our little O. I may try to dig out those binders in some spare moments, and remember the sweetness of those early days, the sweetness that is, indeed, still there.

I love you, J. >:D<

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