Unknown Date, early July (Missing a Page)

5:24 pm

maxtheape: Do I get bonus points if I can guess other things?
cosettecie: probably, though again, I think I’ve given you a better basis for making educated guesses
maxtheape: Perhaps. 🙂 It’s a common “A” name. Popular, or not, I don’t know.
cosettecie: Adam?
maxtheape: Nope. Right number of letters, though. 🙂 See, I’m helping. o:)
cosettecie: yes, thank you ever so kindly 🙂
maxtheape: Any time. Glad to be of assistance. 😉
cosettecie: Alex?
maxtheape: Nope. You’re getting colder. You were only two letters off the first time.
cosettecie: hmm…
cosettecie: Alan?
maxtheape: Ding, ding, ding… We have a winner, folks. How about a big round of applause for Caroline? *audience applause ensues*
cosettecie: Why, thank you. 🙂
maxtheape: Oh, but of course.
maxtheape: Let’s see what else could I try to guess without freaking you out? Hmm…
maxtheape: Not sure…
maxtheape: The dangers of knowing way more than one should about two to find information…
cosettecie: So you’re saying then that you’re a stalker? ;-P Or do you prefer “good researcher?” Just kidding 😉
maxtheape: No, not a stalker. I am often called upon to figure out information for people. That leaves me with a lengthy lis of resources to use for finding all kinds of information.
maxtheape: I don’t think I could make it as a stalker. It’s difficult for guys my size to be sneaky. 😛
cosettecie: okay, shoot…what else can you guess about?
maxtheape: Hmm… are you sure? I could be wrong. It’s happened before.
cosettecie: well, if you’re wrong, I’ll tell you
maxtheape: Does your father’s name begin with a “K”?
cosettecie: yes and no 🙂
cosettecie: his first name, no
maxtheape: The name he goes by.
cosettecie: the name he goes by, yes. 🙂
maxtheape: 🙂
cosettecie: that wasn’t terribly difficult to find out, though
maxtheape: And the numbers 0299 are familiar?
cosettecie: maybe… hang on a minute 🙂
cosettecie: Yeah, I think so 😀
maxtheape: Okay.
maxtheape: Thought they might be. 😉
cosettecie: well, I tend to forget that number. I rarely use it.
maxtheape: And the name [neighbor’s name]?
cosettecie: that one I have no clue about.
maxtheape: Across the street.
cosettecie: [neighbor’s name] is their last name? I only know him as [neighbor’s name]
maxtheape: 🙂
cosettecie: hehe
maxtheape: See, all sorts of interesting information. 🙂
cosettecie: evidently.
maxtheape: Sorry if that was “freaky.” I certainly didn’t mean it to be.
cosettecie: So go on– you might be able to tell me more than I know about myself. 🙂 Nope; all public information.
maxtheape: Hmm… Not sure what else I can tell… I might have to look a bit more to find more information.
cosettecie: hehe, it’s okay; you don’t have to look too much. Might dig up things I’d rather you didn’t 😉
maxtheape: Then I shall leave things alone, if you’d prefer. I can’t imagine finding anything too incriminating, but those are the things that make for the most interesting stories to be told by the person who experienced them. 🙂
cosettecie: I don’t think you’d find anything terribly exciting. No criminal record to speak of 8-|
maxtheape: Just one that you’d prefer NOT to speak of? /:)
cosettecie: Well, I don’t think I’ve broken any laws. Not any civil or criminal laws. Maybe moral ones, but they don’t arrest you for those are write them down. Well, I tend to, but you wouldn’t find them anywhere. 🙂
maxtheape: 🙂
cosettecie: And, by the way, since you know it, feel free to use the 0299 number any time you wish. Though, there is a much better one to reach me by 🙂
maxtheape: I’m fortunate enough to have a clean slate, as well. Not even a traffic violation. 😀
cosettecie: me too 🙂
cosettecie: well, I did get pulled over in Dekalb County once, because I didn’t have my lights on. The street lights were so bright I didn’t notice. But I only got a warning. :-S
maxtheape: Thank you for the phone invitation. I will tell you now that I quite dislike phones, but on rare occasion can be caught using one.
maxtheape: Warnings don’t count. Though I’ve never had one of those either. 😀
cosettecie: It’s okay, though, because I do too!
cosettecie: Normally my phobia only stretches to COMPLETE strangers, like having to order pizza or things like that, though. 😀
maxtheape: I have a little webcam around somewhere, if I can find it after packing it up for the move. Don’t remember whether AIM supports those, or not.
maxtheape: Well, between the two of us, we’d never order a pizza, then. 🙂
maxtheape: I was the kid who would walk a mile and a half to the library to find out if they were open, rather than pick up the phone and call. :”>
cosettecie: And I’d never ask you do to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Well, I HAD one, but it was a not-so-good one. Daddy’s king of getting things free through rebates, and my webcam was a product of that talent
maxtheape: 😀
maxtheape: Nothing wrong with that.
cosettecie: nope, not in the least 🙂
maxtheape: Mine isn’t a great one, but it does the job. My friend up in Ontario and I use it from time to time when we feel like begin able to talk and see one another.
maxtheape: Then again, we usually use NetMeeting.
cosettecie: What did you think of Montreal? Was it a nice place?
maxtheape: It was a nice place to visit, but it was insane to drive there. I was just glad I never got lost. I’m not all that keen on such enormous metropolitan areas.
cosettecie: well, the insane part of driving there was choosing to do it without taking a night off in the middle /:)
maxtheape: Fortunately, I didn’t have to drive all that much while I was there.
cosettecie: That’s good. I hope you at least stayed 24 hours, to make our visit at least as long as your drive?
maxtheape: I was there for closer to 48, thank you very much. 😛
maxtheape: It had to be a “quick” trip, but I dint want to pass up the chance to visit before my friend headed overseas for the better part of a year.
cosettecie: that’s very good to hear. 🙂 It would be absolutely silly to make a long drive just to have to immediately turn around and go back home
maxtheape: Yeah, but I probably would have done it anyway. 🙂
cosettecie: It’s 5 o’clock, and I’d wager you haven’t gotten much done in the past hour or so
maxtheape: No, not a lot, but more than you might think. I’ve been writing PHP code in between messages. 🙂
cosettecie: impressive. 🙂 But I was also getting at that it’s time for you to go home
maxtheape: Oh, yes. That it is, I suppose. And time for you to be enjoying dinner.
cosettecie: soon, probably. I hope you have an excellent time with your friends tonight 🙂
maxtheape: It says it would take 17 hours, 3 minutes to drive to your address from mine. About the same as Toronto. 🙂
cosettecie: depends on how fast you go 😉
maxtheape: Yes, you enjoy your evening, and take care. I’ll look forward to possibly catching up with you a bit tomorrow. 🙂
cosettecie: I never trust Mapquest when it comes to times they give. Okay, thanks for the lovely conversation, Jared. Bye!
maxtheape: As my friend from Ontario says, “You drive like a Nana.” She’s very fond of calling me that.
cosettecie: hehe
maxtheape: Thank you. Talk to you later. It’s been delightful. –Jared 🙂

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