Yep Trixie, Yep

Trixie’s look today just kind of says it all for me at the moment.

It’s November and it’s always hard this time of year and I’m just settling in for the length of it. I invested in a light for seasonal affective disorder finally after thinking about it since like 2006. Three days in, it’s difficult to know yet if it’s working, of course. Liam is home sick from school today which means Oliver is entertained, which means I can get some photo processing and laundry done this afternoon. Will probably get out and do some leaf photos too, since we have a yellow tree all of a sudden in the front yard. Though, I missed the morning light.

It was good to get the last entry out, I think, even though I feel raw and exposed. That’s been a long time coming. I’m journaling on paper a lot but trying hard not to fixate. There’s still a lot of work to be done. I unpacked so much in that post that can be worked through in more detail in my journal. It’s a good thing and something tells me it will not be long till I get to use that new journal after all– I’ve already half filled my Moleskine journal purchased in September. I always write a lot this time of year.

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I’m Caroline… a creative-type human being, a wife, and a mama. I love people, music, warm sand between my toes, a blank journal and pen, and photography.